The new Kia Optima to debut versions hybrid and hybrid enchifable

Kia Optima híbrido enchufable

Prototype of the Kia Optima plug-in hybrid

Both Hyundai as Kia are betting big on the mechanical hybrid. The koreans are preparing a new offensive product, with newer hybrid models even for the European market. The latest developments in this field come from the hand of Kia, that has unveiled two hybrid versions of the new Kia Optima, one of them plug-in, which will come soon to the market. It has also announced plans to launch a Optima of hydrogen with which to face up to competitors like the Toyota Mirai.

hybrid variant more simple the new Kia Optima used engine 2.0 GDI maximum power of 156 horsepower linked to a gearbox six-speed automatic in place of the torque converter incorporates an electric motor with 52 HP and a clutch. Get in a combined 195 horsepower, and it has the possibility of circular in hybrid mode, zero emissions, or gas, operated automatically by the car.

Kia Optima híbrido enchufableThe lithium-ion batteries that feed the electrical system are located under the floor of the trunk, reducing the capacity to the trunk but being more practical than before, because that allows you to fold the seats (in the previous model these were placed after the backup). The new hybrid model planned improve the consumption by up to 10% compared to its predecessor.

Kia Optima PHEVS will be the hybrid variant plug-in, which is a novelty for the model. It has a lithium-ion battery of 9.8 kWh, which coupled to an electric motor of 68 horses allow a electrical autonomy of about 44 miles. The petrol engine is the same 2.0 GDI 156 HP, but on this occasion a combination of both are obtained 205 HP. The transmission is six-speed automatic and the electric motor replaces the torque converter. The brand promises a recharge time of 3 hours in sockets 240V and an average consumption approved (EPA) of 2.37 liters.

Kia Optima híbrido enchufableBoth models are planned for 2016, while to see the Optima of hydrogen will have to wait until the year 2020. It is unknown whether these variants will come to Europe. The previous generation of the Optima Hybrid was marketed for a time.

Source – Kia

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