The new Kia Rio Sedan 2017 fully discovered in Mexico

Kia Rio Sedán 2017 - foto espía

Photo spy the new Kia Rio Sedan 2017 in Mexico.

The new generation of the Kia Rio was introduced in Europe during the last Paris motor show 2016. Its launch in our market is imminent, and although their landing in these parts will be accompanied only of the bodywork of 5 doors, the family of the Kia Rio has been composed, since its first generation, of numerous variants. Including the sedan.

And of this last we show you some interesting spy photos taken in Mexico in what appears to be a presentation event. The new Kia Rio Sedan 2017 will be produced (and marketed) in such a country, and even though it will be available in other markets, this type of bodywork works very well in regions such as Latin america where there are many who opt for the version of three volumes instead of the hatchback with three or five doors.

In comparison with the Kia Rio 2017 shown in the old continent, the new Rio Sedan will arrive at dealers of the brand in Mexico will offer a trunk much more generous than the 5-door version which, remember, cubes 325 litres (an increase of 37 litres) with regard to the third generation. Their measures will also be affected by the adoption of the new bodywork. We must start from the basis that the new Rio measured 4,06 meters long, and your battle is situated in the 2,58 meters respectively.

Kia Rio Sedán 2017 - foto espía lateral

The new Kia Rio Sedan completely uncovered.

On an aesthetic level, the main different that we find with regard to the new Kia Rio introduced in Paris last year, reside in behind. The new silhouette, and line continues to the “usual route” for the third volume. And focusing on the behind, although in its lower area of the bumper is very similar, the rear lights have a higher size and seem to “hug” the body as they extend toward both sides of the vehicle. We do not have pictures of the interior though in this aspect we should not expect major changes.

For the moment we do not know whether or not to provide a mechanical configuration specific to the mexican market. The model is currently marketed offer exclusively along with an engine of 1.6 liters GDI four-cylinder engine with 139 HP (137 HP) is associated with a gearbox six-speed manual.

The new generation of the Rio 5-door hatchback that is about to arrive to our dealerships, you will have a very wide range, including options, diesel and gasoline, although Kia will continue to offer no automatic change. The engine 1.0 GDI three-cylinder engine will debut for the first time at the Rio and will be offered in two power ratings: 100 HP and 120 HP. Both with 172 Nm. To this block we add a engine MPI of 1.25-liter with 84 HP and 122 Nm. And for those looking for a diesel engine can choose between the 70 HP or 90-HP engine 1.4 liters.

Kia Rio Sedán 2017 - foto espía posterior

Thanks to the sedan body, this variant of the Kia Rio will offer a trunk more generous.

As we have said at the beginning of the article, the new Kia Rio Sedan 2017 will be produced at the plant that Kia has in Mexico, more specifically in the town of Pesquería, state of Nuevo León.

¡Thanks to our friend Gabriel of Mexico by the track!