The new Kia Rio will appear in September and these are their first teasers

Teaser Kia RioThe summer is coming to an end and autumn will begin to get a good number of innovations to the automotive sector. At the end of September will be opened the Paris motor show and there we find, among many other new features, the debut of the new generation of the Kia Rio, the bet by the segment B of the signature south Korean.

The first public appearance of the new Rio will take place on the 29th day of September at 14:45 in the parisian event, but the brand has wanted to give us a small down payment at the expense of three images teaser. They are not real images, but allow us to get an idea of where iran the general lines of the future model.

Will be difficult to find some wheels as large as those that appear in the image of the header, but we see that, while still being recognizable as a Kia Rio, the design changes the style of the model. It brings a fresh air that was not achieved in the current generation and the straight lines inflected with games volume musculan the set.

Teaser Kia RioKia says that the front overhang and the hood will be longer, which is slightly noticeable in the teaser image of the front. We also report from the Korean multinational that the distance between the axles is greater and the rear pillar (C-pillar) is more vertical. This will result in a greater livability in the interior, benefiting mostly the rear seats.

In the interior, seems to be that it will keep the simplified design and clean of the dashboard seen in the latest creations from Kia. A central screen of good size will preside over the dashboard housing a good number of functions and at the bottom you will see the climate control and a few buttons for quick functions.

As in any new model, there will be the latest developments in the field of safety and driving aids, nor a complete system of infotainment with multiple connectivity options the order of the day.

Teaser Kia RioIn recent years, Kia has taken an important leap in terms of quality. This has been noticed both in the exterior design of their vehicles, such as the settings and materials of the interior finishes, providing a touch that has nothing to envy of its rivals generalists of european origin.

in Addition, the Kia Rio is the best selling car of the brand, with 473.000 units sold during the past 2015, so it sure will do a good job to maintain its reputation and to maintain or increase those sales data at the global level. The relay generation will come to the end of 2016, the european market.

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