The new Kia Telluride, which is still in development, begins to lose its camouflage

Kia Telluride 2019 - foto espía lateral

Photo spy the long-awaited Kia Telluride production during a test session at road.

Kia continues working on the development of the new SUV soon to be launched to the market. It is expected the production version of the Kia Telluride. Two years ago, during the Detroit motor show 2016, the brand in south korea showed a concept car called the Kia Telluride Concept. After the good reviews harvested during its implementation over and the unstoppable rise of the SUV, finally Kia decided to develop a production version of such a conceptual model.

few months Ago that the first prototypes of the Kia Telluride took to roll down roads all over the world. He has even been seen in the old continent, performing test of winter. Now, after quite a long time without having news of this model for our photographers to spy on the other side of the “big pond” have been given with a test vehicle. In these new spy photos of the Kia Telluride 2019 we can see a unit that has lost a substantial amount of camouflage.

More specifically, the sighting has taken place in California. Once it reaches the market will be positioning itself as the SUV largest Kia, located a step above the Kia Sorento. Unfortunately, we will not see it in these parts that the the brand has discarded its marketing in Europe. It’s only available in the united States and South Korea. The implementation over the new Telluride (if that ends up calling as well) will occur in the second half of 2019.

Kia Telluride 2019 - foto espía posterior

the production version of The Kia Telluride will only be marketed in the united States and South Korea.

In comparison with other units photographed above, the new prototype of the Telluride hunted has lost much of its camouflage. In a special vinyl. Now, the front and the rear, as well as a part of the side, continue to be covered under a series of tarps and fabrics. However, at the time a senior official of the company said that the production version will remain very faithful to the concept car presented in 2016.

The project of the Kia Telluride production is known under the code KCD-12 and the model that will hit the market about five meters in length. And on the section mechanical, for now there is not much information about it. However, it is important to remember that the conceptual model used a mechanical hybrid plug-in and an all-wheel drive system. Although the new SUV from Kia will feature mechanical options conventional, it is not ruled out that a hybrid version plug-in to make act of presence in the range.

the production version of The Kia Telluride will use a stretched version of the platform used by the Sorento. The production will take place in the factory that Kia has in West Point, Georgia, united States).