The new Land Rover Defender will arrive in 2018 with five bodies

Land Rover Defender 2 millonesIs just the 2015, and with it also ends the life of a vehicle that has marked an era. The Land Rover Defender, as we know it, will be removed from the production after nothing less than 68 years. There will be a break of a couple of years until the arrival of his successor, which is expected to be presented at 2018. The new model will be a before and an after for the british brand.

And although it is not yet known nothing of the heir to the Defender, Land Rover have already warned that your design will be completely new and that will have nothing in common with the last few prototypes that have been presented. Gerry McGovern, director of the company, has stressed that it will have personality. “When this vehicle comes out, people will know that it is a Defender, a Defend modern,“ he said.

Land Rover Defender 2 millonesThis project is very ambitious, Land Rover aims to sell 100,000 units annually of the new Defender. To harvest such a success there will be different versions, leaving a range is quite diversified. It will be offered with five bodies different: two models two-door model four-door with a longer wheelbase and two pick-up, a two door and other four.

The new Land Rover Defender will occupy a intermediate place in the gamto models of the brand. It will be located above the Discovery, and under the Range Rover. You are expected to maintain a configuration robust, but something more rational, to gain followers and drive the commercial success they were meant to. The aim is to develop an attractive model that you can reach more people than the current Land Rover, which is conceived as a vehicle “more hardcore”, appreciated for their skills outside of the asphalt.

Source – Autonews

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