The new Land Rover Discovery 5 increases its sportiness with STARTECH at the Geneva motor show 2018


The SUV’s biggest Land Rover, with the permission of the exclusive Range Rover, debuts at the Geneva Auto show in march 2018 with a special preparation of STARTECH more sports

Devoid of a sporty feel full, the SUV british arrives at the Geneva Auto show in march 2018 with a proposal, especially retouched by specialists from STARTECH, a kit easy to modify the aesthetics of the model, giving it more of a spirit special.

successful all over the world since its arrival on the market and in its fifth edition also, but with a design that bet more for the british elegance and a high level of luxury but it is not highlighting for a sporty touch precisely the new Discovery 5.

And that is what has fixed the trainer with a range of components of the automobile that is designed primarily for driving on asphalt, as the new front spoiler which binds directly to the bumper production by changing the image completely, while helps to reduce lift on the front axle at high speeds.


The rims of 22-inch aluminum give you a completely different image in the side view of Land Rover Discovery 5

In the rear, with trim exhaust pipe are integrated, and a central section in the form of a diffuser, plus a special insert for the rear door that holds the license plate in the center. In the sides add the reason in design “Union Jack” of the british flag in the gills of the front wings, just above the rims of 22-inch aluminum painted black with five pairs of spokes. The painting of the body is special with a elegant grey in contrast with the roof in gloss black.

STARTECH also refines the interior of the new Land Rover Discovery 5 with a wide range of accessories exclusive, which ranges from wear plates with logo STARTECH backlit and elegant mats to the set of pedals and footrests made of aluminium.

And to the interior of the model of Land Rover will offer combinations of fine leather and Alcantara in an unending variety of colours and in any design, together with mouldings of wood and carbon fiber that, as with the textile materials, are offered in different and multiple colors, grains and finishes.


The pedals and footrest in aluminum with studs that range put a sporty touch to the whole interior of the preparation of STARTECH on the Discovery 5