The new Lexus RX already has accessories TRD

Lexus RX TRDThe japanese manufacturers are very given to market accessories athletic cut for their cars. Many times elements are purely cosmetic, while at times also affect the dynamics of the vehicle. The common denominator of these accessories is that many times there are even exclusive for the japanese market (JDM). On this occasion it is the new Lexus RX which receives a series of hardware sporting the hand of TRD, Toyota Racing Development, the division of sport of its parent brand.

TRD emphasizes the sporty character of the Lexus RX F Sport with a few skirts that are specific to the front and rear bumpers and the sideskirts, as well as with a generous alloy wheels of 22″. The aerodynamic kit is not merely aesthetic, since according to TRD optimizes the air flow, minimizing resistance and contributing to an improvement in the stability, although its primary function is aesthetic.

Lexus RX TRDIn the section dynamic, the Lexus RX offers both front axle as on the rear a shock absorber longitudinal, so-called Performance Damper. The function of this cushioned is to contribute to increased torsional rigidity of the vehicle, at the same time that face to comfort absorbs vibrations that can subtract comfort to the occupants.

Initially, these accessories are not sold in Spain, where the Lexus RX is on sale from 63.200 euros and is only offered with the hybrid engine 450h of 313 horses of power. The first time TRD has had a presence in the range Lexus in the Spanish market fuecon the Lexus IS 25th Anniversary, with a series of changes similar.

Source – Lexus

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