The new Lotus Elise will be a reality in 2020, and will come loaded of novelties

Lotus Elise Concept

The Lotus Elise Concept was presented in its day as a preview of the new Elise.

The new generation Lotus Elise should have reached the market several years ago. A release that Lotus Cars have been falling behind, due to the launch of updates and revisions off of one of their flagship models. However, the time does not pass in vain for anyone. It is for this reason that the british manufacturer would already have been put to work, and we can anticipate the first details of the new generation of the Elise.

A generation that, as we quote in the title of the article, it will be a reality in a matter of a few years. More specifically, in the 2020. Will come loaded with new features in virtually all aspects. It has been pointed out by the own Jean-Marc Gales, CEO of Lotus, in a recent statement to a well-known half of the sector. The own Wales has been clear with the release date of the new Lotus Elise: “it Will be ready in 2020”.

The new Lotus Elise will arrive in 2020

in Addition, the maximum responsible of Lotus Cars has also revealed some details very important, among them, the design philosophy and engineering that will be followed in the development of the new generation. In the first place and before we delve into the first details that we have known of the new Lotus Elise, Jean-Marc Gales has made it clear that the supercar will remain faithful to its roots.

Lotus Elise Concept

it Seems that, finally, the Lotus Elise Concept have little or no influence on the new generation.

Using the same technology of the aluminium chassis that is today used by the whole range of models of Lotus, the new generation of the Elise will be characterized by a fact. And is the weight reduction. The manufacturer will work hard to be able to further reduce the weight of the Lotus Elise. The CEO of Lotus has also revealed the Elise Cup 250 as their weight is situated in 921 kilograms.

Your weight is set at 900 Kg

The objective of the company would continue to lower this figure to finally to achieve the desired 900 kilos. And even if your weight continue to fall, we will have a model much more secure since it will incorporate a new side airbags as well as some structures that will increase safety in the event of a crash.

on the other hand and on an aesthetic level, we know that the new generation of the Lotus Elise will have will keep a family line although in different aspects, we have witnessed an evolution of their design. In addition, Wales has pointed out that by the time they do not rule out that the new legislation and emission standard in Europe and other markets go to to influence some aspects of the design.

Lotus Elise Concept

A look back at the Lotus Elise Concept, presented at the Paris Salon 2010.

At the mechanistic level, it is expected that there are no surprises and the
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