The new Mahindra S101 has already made its first official image

Mahindra showed a first image that anticipates something of what they will look like the front of which will be the SUV more small within its range. By now it is known as the Mahindra S101.

Mahindra-S101Mahindra spread today the first image by way of advancement, of a – new compact SUV that is due to arrive on the market during the first few months of 2016. It is a model that by now is known by its appellation internal S101 and that it could adopt the trade name Mahindra KUV100.

on A visual level, is expected to have little to do with the recently launched Mahindra TUV300, since on the contrary, say sources close to the project, the model will have a strong inspiration in the EcoSport of Ford, though in a format slightly more compact. In the later versions equipped, will have daytime running lights LED – .

The new Mahindra S101/KUV100 will be based on a new architecture front-wheel drive, a platform that later will be used by a complete family of vehicles. Will be in addition to the product smaller and more affordable of the brand india.