The new McLaren 720S will have a way to do drifting


The new McLaren 720S in action.

McLaren begins the disclosure to the public of the new 720S, the successor to the 650S which has already been presented in private. To do this, the signing of Woking reveals to us the novelties that will bring the second generation of the family model Super Series.

For the 720S McLaren has taken to a new level the system Proactive Chassis Control, which now has 12 sensors, of which 4 are the accelerometers that are located at the wheels, positioned in this way to be able to act with the suspension on each wheel independently.

so that the suspension now has more control over each of the wheels, taking less in harden or soften the suspension system at each of the corners of the vehicle. According to the brand, the new Proactive Chassis Control II generates a large amount of extra grip, but without compromising the balance and the sensations that it brings her management.


First picture leaked of the new McLaren 720S.

in Addition to this system, the new McLaren 720S will have a system called Variable Drift Control. This allows the user to modify the parameters that govern the stability control of the sport, so that pressing only one button on the central screen, the user can ask to the vehicle that the systems are more intrusive and allow you to slide more on the track.

user you can choose up to 3 different modes of driving: Comfort, Sport and Track. The system Variable Drift Control can only be enabled with these last two modes, being the more radical the last, Track.

The official presentation and public of the new McLaren 720S – not
private but the brand has already shown the new model to a few – will be
in march, during the celebration of the Geneva 2017.