The new Mercedes-AMG GT4 2019 to detail during their tests


Mercedes-AMG GT4.

again we find ourselves with the future version of the four-door the Mercedes-AMG GT, a model that, in the absence of a designation better, we will continue calling AMG GT4, although there is already a racing version of the AMG GT that carries that name, and therefore, it will be quite complicated that the production model of 4-door share it with the two-seater circuit.

This sports sedan has been seen on several occasions now, but this new series of spy photos show us a bit more detail of the test units of this project. Not just because its new camouflage allows us to see some of their original traits, as the grill is typical of AMG, but because the new prototypes already have different exhaust configurations, although all of our photographers have been encountered on this occasion with a unit that has the same settings of 4 outputs with trapezoidal views up to now.

The different configurations of escape may entail simple testing of the development team in order to test different solutions, or to be a mere interim solutions in a test unit specific. For the moment, there are no reliable and trustworthy information on the plantenamiento technical of this new sports sedan, so that is very soon to ensure the development of different versions mechanical.


Your presentation is still a mystery.

The new Mercedes-AMG GT4 will be the next to rival models like the Porsche Panamera. Adapting the aesthetics of two-seater sports AMG GT to a new body of court sedan and with an approach to mechanical very powerful.

According to some reports, the production model could have the same technical scheme of the prototype Mercedes-AMG GT Concept presented by the brand at the Geneva motor show 2017. This had a hybrid scheme of 815 horses, when putting together a V8 engine of 4.0-liter twin-turbo with an electric motor powered by a pack of lithium batteries. In addition, this could operate only in electric mode, so that at low speeds and in normal use can be moved without spending a euro of fuel.

For the moment, we cannot confirm when will be presented the production version of this sports sedan, but taking into account that the concept we saw just a few months ago, and by the state of the test units, it is not unreasonable to think that what we will see in one of the large halls in the coming year, with a date of marketing probably already in the year 2019.