The new Mercedes-Benz a-Class X, now in video

The new Mercedes-Benz a-Class X takes as the basis of the Nissan Navara. It will be offered with engines of petrol or diesel and rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive.

Finally after months of being filed under the format of a prototype, the German firm disseminated the first images and official information of his first pickup truck named Mercedes-Benz a-Class X.

Takes as base the Nissan Navara, but wears a body re-engineered by Mercedes, the interior where there is no lack of comforts and a family of engines of gasoline and diesel from the German brand, with powers that depart from the 163 HP and go up to the 258 HP in your version powerful. The engines may be combined with a change manual of six speeds or an automatic seven relations, in addition to rear-wheel drive or total.

The new Class X will be available in three trim levels characterized by having each one of them with a specific approach. The initial level is named Pure will be mainly destined to the classic use of a Pick-up, focused on the work and will have an endowment of comfort well basic.

He continues to the finish Progressive, that adds greater comfort, while the higher will be the level of termination Power that will include an endowment more rich and luxurious.

But now the time has come to discover more details of the Mercedes-Benz a-Class X, thanks to a the first promotional video that allows to appreciate its characteristics in greater depth.