The new Mercedes C-Class Cabrio is waiting for us in Geneva


The new Mercedes C-Class Cabrio will be shown officially for the first time

Mercedes continues to be unstoppable with the renovation and expansion of its range of vehicles. The following is added to the list is the Mercedes C-Class Cabrio, the version of the sunroof of the recent C-Class Coupe that is based on the sedan C-Class last generation, the first C-Class convertible. His debut will take place during the Geneva motor show that we have around the corner.

Mercedes has chosen Geneva to announce his new convertible

The manufacturer at the moment we are delighted with the first official image in the form of a sketch. A view of the rear of the vehicle from a high angle that lets us see in a preliminary way how they have resolved the transformation to a convertible and will look with the roof tucked away.

For us to get an idea, visually, what we can summarize as a Mercedes S-Class Cabrio of minor proportions. In fact the latter already knew it since the C-Class Cabrio has been caught on countless occasions by our photographers spy.


The C-Class Cabrio will make its debut in Geneva next month

, The saloon four-seater has chosen to equip a canvas roof of electric drive, as does his older brother. This classic option makes it easier to control the weight of the vehicle, allows the designers to mold it more easily to a silhouette more attractive with the roof closed, and steals less space inside. Thanks to the multiple layers of insulation the comfort is very similar to that of a coupe. In the image above, you can see what is the vehicle with the roof closed.

His offer of engines will be directly transplanted to the C-Class Coupe, options four-cylinder petrol (of 184 and 245 HP) and diesel (170 and 204 HP) along with the signed versions Mercedes AMG of 476 and 510 HP. Variants of access have a manual switching of six relations while the rest are equipped with automatic transmissions adapted to each model.