The new Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake in 5 key

mercedes cla shooting brake 5 claves e1417007586776 El nuevo Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake en 5 claves Yesterday Mercedes unveiled the new CLA Shooting Brake . It is family saloon variant CLA compact body, maintaining a similar look but now adding a rear box that allows greater storage capacity.

It is, therefore, the family CLA despite its name, being exposed to families with at most two children, who do not want to give up a sexy body and sporty details as well promises all the compact range of the brand with the star. Now let’s see the new Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake in 5 Keys .

Keeping your design firm

The Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake remains strong stylistic bet CLA, is that while other family members changed their appearance on the back due to the new body, CLA not only keeps lines but it also keeps the same form of their pilots to recognize instantly.

mercedes cla shooting brake 5 claves 4 e1417007671449 El nuevo Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake en 5 claves There has not given up one of its main characteristics, soft fall from the ceiling that, this time accompanied by a rear window also very inclined position. To this add the ribs on the side of the body sculpting lines of a saloon coupé with muscular now familiar body.

Mayor habitability

Precisely one of the biggest drawbacks attributable to Mercedes CLA is its interior roominess. Exceeds the function form, which camouflages Brake Shoting this new CLA. Now the rear plazas earn about 4 inches in height for the heads, which thank those who ride in the rear passenger compartment.

Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake 2015 detalles On the other hand, despite maintaining the same steps, except the height, the CLA ( 4.63 m long, 1.77 m wide and 1.44 m high ) get a luggage capacity now announced 495 liters , 25 more than the sedan. It can be expanded up to 595 liters reclining backrest, to reach 1354 liters by folding the second row seats. In addition, now has a gate that provides access to the trunk.

Same interior style

Despite winning something on luggage capacity and habitability for the rear seats, the new Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake maintains the sporty style of CLA. It has, therefore, with the same design of the dashboard and the ability to create a sporting environment based extras backet style seating or exclusive details.

Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake 2015 detalles The customization will allow families bold done with a car to taste with multitude of options for upholstery, trim and colors. Nor should we forget the equipment, ranging from a simple cruise control to a navigation system or a stereo quality.

Diesel and gasoline

Since its launch Shooting Brake Mercedes CLA will have a large range of engines, whether gasoline or diesel. In the first case we opt for CLA 180 with 122 horses , the CLA 200 with 156 horses or the most powerful CLA 250 with an output of [1999005 ] 211 horses .

Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake 2015 detalles In paragraph diesel will have only two options at the moment. The smallest will CLA 200 CDI 136 horses , remaining above the CLA 220 CDI 170 hp . No choice CLA 180 CDI as if there is in Class A. The 4Matic all-wheel drive is optional on the CLA 250, while optionally can opt to an automatic gearbox in the other engines.

Mercedes CLA 45 AMG Shooting Brake

Mercedes did not want to leave us without AMG version of its new model. The Mercedes CLA 45 AMG Shooting Brake has the same mechanics of their brethren who have already tested the Mercedes CLA 45 AMG and Mercedes A 45 AMG. It is therefore a block 2.0 Turbo with 360 horses power, gearbox dual clutch AWD.

Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake 2015 detalles Beside the mechanical chassis stands modified to improve performance and cornering, as a new suspension, brakes or steering. By options we can create a CLA Shooting Brake even sportier as the sports exhaust or backets AMG Performance . His aesthetic is subtle but includes new bumpers, side skirts, tires or a quad exhaust outlet.

also arrives CLA 45 AMG Shooting Brake OrangeArt Edition , a special edition where the orange and expressiveness are the stars. This color details are bathed in headlights, wheel rims, some moldings and, inside, details like the stitching, seats or seat belts.

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