The new Mercedes E Class 2016 reveals to us his eyes (and her incredible headlights MULTIBEAM LED)

The new Mercedes E-Class is ready for his presentation. Mercedes-Benz is still anticipating more and more details of one of the big releases of the year, which will be presented within a few days at the Detroit motor show. And what is what we can expect from this sedan? To view the images and the details that has been anticipating Mercedes-Benz we know it will be something like a Mercedes S-Class in miniature, that is to say, an almost perfect combination of elegance, luxury, comfort and technology, at the service of the driver and their passengers. In his latest video already, we can see that this new Mercedes s Class And 2016 will use a technology that we love, the adaptive headlights MULTIBEAM LED.

why are we so enthusiastic about these headlights? One of the tips that I always try to give to anyone who is thinking of buying a car, especially for travel, and toured many kilometres on the road, is to invest in some good headlights. And with the exception of the laser – which still are only available in a selection of models very limited and exclusive – my advice always is directed towards the new generation of headlights LED adaptive, usually based on a matrix of LED.

This kind of headlamps are the tip of the spear in terms of technology, lighting capable of illuminating the road with great effectiveness, almost as if circulásemos permanently with the lighting of long-range, and create timely shadows that prevent deslumbremos to other drivers. Believe me, the experience of riding at night with this type of headlights is unique. And Mercedes-Benz is not the only brand that has developed this technology, other manufacturers like Audi offer it in several models of its range, and even the new Opel Astra, a compact generalist, has released a technology of this type, for the first time in a car accessible to the majority of drivers.


The system MULTIBEAM LED Mercedes-Benz is based on 84 projectors LED individual, that by means of the electronic adjusting your lighting to cover the maximum field of view possible without dazzling other drivers.

The new Mercedes E-Class will be presented in a few days, on the 11th of January, 2016.

Source: Mercedes-Benz
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