The new Mercedes E-Class already has the “makeup” of Brabus

The new generation
the Mercedes E-Class
is, for a long time, a reality in the market. A
model that has taken an important step forward and is shown as a saloon
still more exclusive and advanced technological and mechanically. The new E-Class
leaves the assembly line with a stylish print, sober and relaxed. Without
however, for those drivers who want a plus of sportiness and a
some spicy character, Brabus us
offers his alternative.

Brabus Mercedes Clase E

Brabus presents its new package of improvements for the Mercedes Class E.

The popular trainer specialized in modifying any model of the range Mercedes-Benz has revealed its new program of adjustments to the Mercedes E Class (W213). A complete package of improvements that, after being installed in its entirety, will result in a saloon aires sports. In the first place and focusing on the news that Brabus offers for the exterior of the E Class, it jumps to the view an interesting body kit.

A body kit which, according to the coach, improves the aerodynamics of the Mercedes Class E. All components of this kit are made of PUR, a material suitable for this type of task. Is compatible to both the E-Class series as for models equipped with the package Avantgarde and Exclusive. Among other items, added a spoiler, front, new air inlets as well as a new diffuser and spoiler later.

And speaking of the rear area, also jumps at the sight of the new sport exhaust system with outputs in stainless steel. To this we must add the alloy wheels Monoblock-available in several sizes and designs ranging from 18 to 21 inches, respectively. Nor can we let pass without comment the new control module for the special suspension Air Body Control that has been designed for the preparer.

Brabus Mercedes Clase E

in Addition to a body kit, Brabus also offers modifications to the interior as well as different mechanical enhancements.

┬┐And what about the interior? Because although Brabus has not released images in this regard, the trainer we anticipate that the luxury and customization will be the order of the day as it is logical. Among the range of options we will have available include plates of stainless steel with the logo of the preparer, backlit by up to 64 different colours, aluminium details such as the pedals and the pins of the doors will be present.

on the other hand, the upholstery series is replaced by a leather Brabus Mastik fine high quality and soft, and that, combined with the details in Alcantara, allow you to enjoy a unique atmosphere. The trainer already gives us an insight that the upholstery will be available in almost any color you imagine.

Leaving to one side all of this type of aesthetic modifications and focusing on the section mechanic, as you would expect there are several options that are very interesting for some of the versions that make up the range. In the case of the Mercedes E 200, we have the kit potentiation PowerXtra B20 that allows us to reach 224 HP (165 kW) and 330 Nm.

Brabus Mercedes Clase E

The new rear diffuser along with the new exhaust outlets in stainless steel.

on the other hand, the kit PowerXtra D3 to the Mercedes E 220d allows us to increase by 27 HP and 50 Nm the figures thrown by the engine. And in the third place, we have the kit potentiation PowerXtra D6 S to the Mercedes E 350d and squeeze out 50 HP and 100 Nm extra block diesel.