The new Mercedes E-Class has traveled 12,000,000 miles to be the best in its category

In the next Salon de Detroit we’ll meet a new generation of Mercedes E Class, a new Class And that has already taught us within, and that, in a new video in which poses are still camouflaged, it gives us some clues as to its development.

This is the 10th generation of the Mercedes E-Class, will be presented at the next Hall of Detroit.

Mercedes has used 48 months of development to give shape to this tenth generation of the Mercedes E-Class, using a total of 1.200 prototypes (and no, we are not has escaped no 0 in writing), counting on this development with other 1.200 engineers.

In total, these prototypes will have travelled 12.000.000 km in the environments of the most extreme, in 4 continents, going from -32 degrees up to 60 degrees. Your braking system autonomous has been tested in 10.000 assumptions and its system of lane change autonomous in 5.000 times.

As a curiosity, have been spent 3,500 square metres of camouflage.

Not only will be able to park remotely, and also to advance in an autonomous way:

Among the novelties that we already know the Mercedes E-Class highlights the fact that the new BMW 7-Series will lose the exclusivity of the parking remote to find us now with a new Mercedes E-Class, able to do so in terms apparently more advanced.

we Still have to wait for Mercedes we detail in-depth at its launch this technology, but a priori we see that in front of the BMW is capable of to do more complex movements and that in place of having an advanced key to these moves, it does so through a smartphone.

In the line of this technology and the advancement in the direction of the driving autonomous Mercedes has shown us since it also functions DRIVE Pilot and Active Lane Change, functions that lead to a new level, the adaptive cruise control and allow the new Class And perform overtaking in an autonomous way. You what we have in the article, “DRIVE PILOT and Active Lane Change: this is how it works the pilot semi-automatic of the new Mercedes E-Class”.

An interior of elegant design, and technology of fluid forms:

While we wait, impatient for more details about this new Mercedes E-Class, we cannot lose sight of that previous breakthrough, in which the German firm showed us a first series of snapshots of your car, leaving you clear your vocation technology, and their careful and elegant design.

you Can read more about it in the article “pick up site, and discover, photo-to-photo, the stylish interior of the new Mercedes E-Class”.