The new Mercedes E-Class will change lanes for you automatically


it does Not matter to which side you want to be the lane change, the system will allow

we don’t have to wonder with the arrival of these technologies and solutions. Most of them are aimed at the improvement of the security, and therefore are to be thankful for. Mercedes has always been a pioneer in the field of security, and once more proves it. This time with the new Mercedes E-Class, and with the lane change automaticor.

a few years Ago it became apparent the arrival of the detector of the dead angle. A light or a buzzer sound will indicate that an obstacle is in your dead angle. Countless are the times that this simple and effective device has been avoided with minor collisions and who knows how many older.

is Now presented as an evolution of the same, a great evolution in reality. Because the new E-Class will not only be able to tell you when you can and when you cannot change your lane, but also will do the maneuver for you so that everything is much more comfortable. Each time we are closer to the conduction region of la that everyone talks about.

For the car can make the maneuver must be given a series of factors. If one of them is not met, the car will take the decision not to make the change, leaving that responsibility to the driver. The criteria that must occur for the operation of the lane change active are:

  • Pressing the turn indicator for more than two seconds. Regardless of the side.
  • The detection system needs to recognize that there is no obstacle to the view.
  • to Activate the flashing.
  • we Must travel multi-lane roads for each direction, as highways. The browser will recognize for what type of road we drive.
  • Circular a speed of between 80 and 180 Km/h.

If all these conditions are met, and if the adjacent lane is free during the following three seconds, the Class And change lanes autonomously. the Entire operation is made possible thanks to a team of cameras and sensors, something that will not go left over the E Class, and as we have proven today to learn of its impressive interior.

Mercedes aims to save a considerable amount of traffic accidents. According to a study 15% of all accidents in Germany occur between cars travelling in the same direction, and 20% of them occur in the process of overtaking and lane change. A significant number, and that the Mercedes E-Class will reduce


Both for address and for leaving the opposite lane will have to indicate this with the blinking

The technology of the E-Class, not just here, because part of those sensors and cameras to which before we have made reference will also be used for other tasks, such as parking self-contained. An innovation that surely let’s look at the Mercedes S-Class next year. A renewal that is already being tested on the street.