The new Mercedes E63 AMG 2017 reveals to us what is under their hood

some time ago it was presented the new generation of the Mercedes E Class. Both the body-saloon as the family version named Estate are currently on sale. However need for launching even the high performance versions of the family Mercedes-AMG that are about to be submitted.

Mercedes-AMG E 63 and E 63 Estate are in a phase of development very advanced, so much so that we hope that his debut is very close. However the guys from Mercedes-AMG are still perfecting the sports sedan, and performing test as that does not prevent that sometimes have to suffer some embarrassing situations like this.


This Mercedes-AMG E 63 saloon tests, suffered a mishap during a test session that left standing at the vehicle without being able to move in a crossing of Germany. Situation that forced the engineers to open the hood, allowing our photographers to be the first to see the eight-cylinder that hides in its interior, in addition to let us take another look at the digital dashboard whose tachometer marked the 330 km/h of maximum.

In a short time, drivers of the Mercedes solved the problem thanks to a phone call and help from the other side of the phone, being able to re-start the vehicle to leave the place but the time was enough to leave us these images.


The unit 4.0-liter BiTurbo V8 Mercedes-AMG is the central core that revolve all versions of high performance signed by the preparer official. From the exotic two-seater coupe Mercedes-AMG GT, up to sedans high-performance based on the C-Class and S-Class last generation. In the case of the E 63, it is expected that the maximum power reaches dangerously up to 600 HP.

the introduction of The powerful engine will not be the only novelty since your body will be completely reconfigured to be able to address such an amount of power. The body will possess a new bumper with larger entries of air, and look more intimidating, you will find tires and brake system above, adjustment of its chassis and suspension more firm, and of course a quad-outlet exhaust will issue a hoarse melody.