The new Mercedes G-Class 2018 it will keep its distinctive design

Mercedes Clase G 2018 - foto espía

A first look at the new Mercedes G-Class 2018.

Many feared that, with the arrival of the new generation of Mercedes G-Class, the guys from Mercedes-Benz opted to give it a radical change of image. A new generation that, in addition to brand-new important developments both at a technical level as a mechanic, do the own on an aesthetic level. Well, it won’T be. We show you which are the first spy photos of the new Mercedes G-Class 2018, the next generation of the iconic off-roader.

With these new spy photos of the next G-Class, we can ensure that the design of the Mercedes model will be very similar to that can be found currently in the dealerships. A pleasant news for lovers of off-road look rough and classic. Therefore, Mercedes will still be faithful to the classic image of one of their most popular models.

this Is the first time our photographers have been able to get their hands on the new generation of the Mercedes G-Class, which is why we should pay a lot of attention to these spy photos, even though the model has been photographed at a distance important. And the truth is, after you take a first look at these spy photos, I wonder how to hide the camo if at a general level, the design seems almost the same. Let us try to figure out all the changes that have.

Mercedes Clase G 2018 - foto espía

The new generation of the Mercedes G-Class will keep the characteristic design of the current model.

By what we see, Mercedes-Benz has not wanted to play ball, and has opted for camouflage around the outside of the off-road. Yes, in one of the photographs we can see the area of the trunk open and in which there is a significant amount of load. Now, getting back to the exterior design, so that we can see, the new Mercedes G-Class 2018 will be somewhat wider than the current model.

On an aesthetic level, the main new features that we find with respect to the current model will be located especially in the front. Yes, it should be noted that the headlamps are not final, since they are only used in test units. The most logical conclusion is that the production model has headlights Full LED. In addition, the grill is shown in more wide and we see a bumper design that is more stylized. We also found changes in both the wheel arches as on the side skirts. And the same thing happens with the hood.

One of the main innovations of the new generation of the Mercedes G-Class that will present a new platform that will result in a significant reduction of weight, the adoption of new mechanical more efficient as well as more space in the cabin. Especially in the squares later. By the way, another of the spy photos shows us the interior design of one of the doors. A design that, as expected, is new.

Mercedes Clase G 2018 - foto espía

the interior design of The doors of the Mercedes G-Class 2018, uncovered.