The new Mercedes S-Class Cabrio, and his grandfather, pose before submission

His presentation is imminent. The new Mercedes S-Class Cabrio comes to occupy a space in which the Stuttgart brand has been present over the past decades. However, and with that, Mercedes-Benz appeals to history to present one of the last images – by way of advance – prior to its presentation. An image in which poses, in the open, with the predecessor of this new model, the S-Class Cabriolet body of the sixties, the W111 .

A small official preview of the Mercedes S Class Cabriolet

and if we have to travel back in time five decades ago to meet the direct predecessor of the new Mercedes S-Class Cabrio , and the generation gap is more important than ever, no doubt fits us that philosophy both of W111 and W222 , remains the same. The maximum affluence that a Mercedes-Benz can offer us a huge convertible five meters in length. The latest technology to enhance comfort.

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This immense convertible will be presented in a few days, at the Frankfurt Motor Show. And we can come forward that under the € 152,875 Mercedes S Class Coupe more “economical” the new Mercedes S-Class Cabrio will not be too far from the 200,000 €. A price will be justified, no doubt, with its refinement, its extensive provision of equipment and a range of engines in the smaller V8 biturbo 455 hp and 4,663 cm 3 .

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A small official preview of the Mercedes S Class Cabriolet

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