The new MINI Cabrio will notify you when you close the hood before it starts to rain

who would not have past driving a convertible? The sky clouds over, but you refuse to close the hood. You think that you still can play. Until at a given moment it starts raining, a huge downpour, and just as you are in a place in which it is not easy to stand up to close the hood. Let us remember that the new MINI Cabrio 2016 open and close your hood with an electrical system, in 18 seconds, but only if we drive less than 30 km/h. MINI has tried to resolve this problem of the hand of their applications permanently connected to the internet. It may not be foolproof, but at least you will know that your MINI will be very pending of the radars of rain to let you know with enough time and prevent you from falling in a downpour with the roof open.

what is this system? To use it is necessary that you have equipped to your MINI Cabrio with the computer, entertainment and navigation MINI Connected, which has applications in sync with your smartphone and on the internet. MINI has a function, called Streetwise, which will recommend optimal routes to reach your destination (the fastest, or the most efficient in terms of fuel costs).

The utility of which we speak, he adds a second factor, the of the weather data updated in real-time. For the moment we do not know which services will work MINI, but ensure that real-time information of weather radar will be used to warn of the risk of rain and recommend us to close the hood.


Is a utility interesting and, as already mentioned above, may not be foolproof, but will save us from a shower of rain. At the moment it is only a small sample of what we can achieve thanks to the connected services.

Thinking in the future (and giving ideas to MINI) we can think of an application even more interesting connectivity car-to-car and car-infrastructure. In the future, when hundreds of thousands, and millions of cars, are permanently connected to each other, there seems to be too complex to get our car to follow a logic of action in the event of rain.

Imagine a kilometre of our position the rain sensors of other cars begin to be activated. Those cars alert to a control unit that determines in what place it is raining, so the convertibles that are approaching up to that position to receive the recommendation to close your hood. Now that would be real-time information. But for the moment is only an idea which we leave in the air…

Source: MINI
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