The new Mitsubishi Montero will use the platform of the Nissan Patrol

Mitsubishi Montero japonés

The acquisition of Mitsubishi by the Renault-Nissan Alliance it seems that is going to bring us good news in the short term. The signing of the three diamonds it was going bad for a generational change as God commands his all-terrain star. Montero (or Pajero in some markets) of current generation leads to the sale since the year 1999, for the model we know today is a deep washing of the face of this that took place in the year 2006.

The fourth generation of this model (the current) is already very outdated compared to the competition, but thanks to the help of Nissan, the engineers from Mitsubishi will be put to work in your substitute in a short time. The reason for having so much work to advance, is that Nissan would be willing to give the platform on which you are making the current generation of the Patrol and therefore would not have to make a large financial investment nor technical.

Nissan Patrol

reported a source from Mitsubishi, the Montero will have its generational change as soon as this Nissan Patrol. But using his platform would not be the only news that would give the japanese firm, as the fifth generation of the Montero could use a gasoline engine assisted by an electric. With him, they would be willing to reduce consumption and emissions and to make viable marketing in certain areas of the globe.

According to Trevor Mann, chief operating officer of Mitsubishi “one of the things that we need to see is what are the benefits that we could have in terms of maintaining that product if we work with Nissan, that is something that we are going to explore”. With these statements makes it clear that the future of Montero passes by to work with your new array to save costs, and improve a product that had become very obsolete in terms of technology or mechanics.

We are aware of the upcoming news that you provide us with the Renault-Nissan Alliance. The next generation of the Nissan Patrol and Infiniti QX80 should not be delayed more than two years for what will be the right time for Mitsubishi to announce to the world their new all-terrain.

Source – Mitsubishi

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