The new Mitsubishi XR starts testing in Europe

Mitsubishi XR 2018 - foto espía

Mitsubishi XR. First spy photos of the new SUV japanese in Europe.

During the past summer, we were the first spy photos of the Mitsubishi XR during a testing session in the united States. The development of the new SUV from Mitsubishi began to roll, and now is left to see for the first time in the old continent. In addition, in these new spy pictures of this compact SUV we can take a first look at its interior, revealing interesting details.

As we already anticipate a few months, the new Mitsubishi XR is a model that will be in the range of the japanese manufacturer between the Mitsubishi ASX and Mitsubishi Outlander. Although not long ago the brand launched an overhaul of the ASX, we know that the new generation will come loaded with new features including, a reduction in size to be able to compete with some of the new B-SUVS that have recently arrived to the market. One of them will be the Honda HR-V. therefore, with the reduction of size of the future Mitsubishi ASX, it will leave space in the range for the new XR.

going Back to these new spy photos of the Mitsubishi XR, if we compare them with those published in the month of August, we realize that the engineers have decided to add a new camouflage in the front. It is not unusual for a vehicle that is in development will increase their camouflage, though, if we take into account that photographs of the month of the summer were taken in an area of the u.s. territory that reaches high temperatures in summer, it is logical to think that the engineers withdrew promptly part of the camouflage to ensure a proper cooling of the mechanical and electronic.

Mitsubishi XR 2018 - foto espía lateral

despite the camouflage, the fall of the roof reveals its similarities with the XR-PHEV II Concept.

Its design was anticipated by the Mitsubishi XR-PHEV II Concept. Is more, we are faced with what we could define as the production version of that prototype. If we look to the fall of the roof, we appreciate the similarity that keeps the unit photographed by our photographers spy with the XR-PHEV II Concept. Waiting for an image that conveys a sporty, dynamic and jovial.

¿And what is inside it? If we look at this first image of the interior of the Mitsubishi XR, we see a central console, which differs in several details with the SUV’s current Mitsubishi. If well screen is located in the highest area, under it we have two air vents. Already below the same, are located the controls of other systems such as the climate control.

In the dashboard it is appreciated that there will be two large clocks separated by a central screen in which the driver will be able to see useful information while driving. Notice of change of progress or the consumption in real time, for example. The rest of the cabin is covered for not being able to appreciate any detail.

Mitsubishi XR 2018 - foto espía interior

A first look at the interior of the Mitsubishi XR.

(mechanic of the new XR Misubishi shall be composed of engines of four cylinders and 2.0 litres. There will be both options for diesel and gasoline. In addition, the japanese manufacturer will focus on the mechanical electrified by adding a hybrid variant plug-in. You may opt for a configuration of front-wheel drive as total 4×4. Although, depending on the version configured, the four-wheel drive will come standard.

¿When it will come to the market? it is Still too early to venture a specific launch date, but taking into account that its development has already reached the point of the testing phase on the open road, the logical thing is to wait for a landing in dealerships for the year 2018.