The new Nissan Leaf will be used as the basis for new electric car

Nissan TeRRA Concept

Nissan TeRRA Concept, unveiled at the Paris motor show 2012.

offensive power of Nissan is unstoppable. Nippon mark can boast of being one of the automakers that have opted for sustainable mobility in recent years. Currently, there are many spotlights fixed at its headquarters in Yokohama (Japan) due to the introduction of the new generation of its electric car by excellence, the Nissan Leaf, is just around the corner.

debut of the new Leaf will occur the next day, 6 September in an event organized by the own Nissan. A few days after we will be able to see it again live during the Frankfurt Auto show 2017. With its launch, the japanese firm hopes to consolidate its dominant position in the european market of electric cars with a model that, today, is a best seller within its niche.

Now, the arrival of the new Nissan Leaf will be much more important than one might think at first. The reason? The new generation model of Nissan will be used as the basis for the launch of new electric. According to information that has been accessed by a half-british, the next electric car that will launch the brand will be baptized as Nissan Terra.

Nissan TeRRA Concept - posterior

Nissan has registered in Malaysia, the name “Terra”.

This name was used for the last time in the year 2012 with the introduction of the Nissan TeRRA Concept, which offered us an advance of a SUV based on the Leaf. Well, it is precisely this new model will be the materialization of that concept. An SUV of mechanical 100% electric share (mechanical and technical with the new generation of the Nissan Leaf.

This same month of August, Nissan has presented at the Office of Patents and Trademarks in Malaysia the information needed to to register the trade name Terra. A movement that may well result in one of two ways: the registration of the name to prevent someone from using it or beginning the process of developing this new model. Strategically the second option would be a strategic move to very interesting on the part of Nissan as this could pre-empt many of its competitors as it did back in the day with the own Leaf.

When using the new package of lithium-ion batteries that will the Nissan Leaf 2018, this future SUV electric may far exceed the barrier of 300 km of autonomy real with a single charge. This will allow you to position itself as a very interesting alternative to the new SUV electric premium, BMW X3 or the Jaguar I-Pace, for example.