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opel astra k 2016 detalles 3 e1433246654573 El nuevo Opel Astra 2016 en 5 claves Yesterday we finally showed Opel Astra K its 2016 Yes, it seems that not too have spent years by the current Astra and introduce a new generation, but Opel has worked, keeping an evolutionary design, improving all aspects laden critical to bring the world a much more modern and up to date in terms of technology drive .

Let’s meet the new Opel Astra 2016 5 Keys , a key to make it a more interesting car, considering that not only opens design but will do so with the mechanical and comes with a gift under his arm as a weight saving estimated at more than 200 kilos substantial in the best case.


opel astra k 2016 detalles 5 e1433246809970 El nuevo Opel Astra 2016 en 5 claves The most obvious change in the new Astra is the design. As a new generation everything changes, but Opel has been willing to evolve the design of the current model and take a few features of modern Opel family. So arrives with new headlamps, new grille or a straight back, which include pilots arrow-shaped or C pillar floating , a feature not too exploited in this segment.

But best of all comes from the hand size. Yes, the new Astra is smaller , a key point in the design for many who complained, with reason, the gigantism of the current generation Astra. measures 4.37 m long and 1.46 m high , that is, nearly 5 centimeters shorter and 3 lower. In turn the battle in size also asked specifically 23 mm, but gaining interior roominess. Later will present the Astra Sport Tourer station wagon more habitable and may also know a new GTC.

Up to 200 kilos lighter

Opel Astra K 2016 detalles The figure is this: to 200 kilos lighter . In the best case, the new Opel Astra 2016 is 200 lighter than its predecessor, which means a weight saving of more than considerable kilos. Opel has worked on the structure using high strength steels to use less material, particularly in the chassis and shafts.

With this in hand, Opel has achieved savings of nearly 50 kilos only in the frame and subframe . The body has also suffered a substantial reduction of the weight saving almost 80 kilos for the structure . These data favor, no doubt, to consumption and performance, not to mention a lighter, agile handling, where future sports GSI and OPC versions come into play.

more connected than ever

Opel Astra K 2016 detalles The new Opel Astra 2016 has been updated to become a connected car. Trends regarding connectivity and multimedia systems have come to the new generation of compact, which boasts brand new infotainment system Intellilink fourth generation .

With this new system we will have better connectivity and interaction with our smartphone. It offers free Apple and Android carplay Auto to have the functionality of the smartphone in the screen of your dashboard, which according to versions can reach the 8 inches and have touch interface .

New technological cast

Opel Astra K 2016 detalles The technology will be another of the strengths of the new 2016 Opel Astra brand will no systems available in other cars in its segment and for the first time present in the Opel range. Including Intellilux system, a system lighting using LED array allowing illuminate the road in the most efficient manner possible without dazzling other road users.

Other technologies are present signal reading blind spot detector, adaptive cruise control, automatic parking assistant or warning of accidents with active braking. As far as comfort equipment is concerned, we can not forget car elements as senior seats with heating and ventilation plus massage or adjustment of up to 18 tracks.

More efficient motors

Opel Astra K 2016 detalles The efficiency of the new Opel Astra 2016, in addition to reducing weight, the new range of engines available will help. They are mechanical gasoline and diesel that will from 95 to 200 horses at first. 13 units are available among which we must highlight the arrival 1.0 tricilíndrico or the new 1.4 Ecotec 145 horsepower. Later will come sporting versions as the OPC, which is expected to reach 300 horses.

The gearboxes are also new generation with reduced friction and increased efficiency. Is set to hit all-wheel drive, as has happened with the current generation.

The new 2016 Astra will be the first for the Frankfurt Opel. It will debut in that event in September to hit dealerships later this year. At the moment we do not know the prices and versions that come to our market.

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