The new Opel Astra Sedan will hit the market from the hand of Holden

Opel Astra Sedan

you Yesterday, we told you that Holden is struggling in Australia. The signature of the lion has been seen as other foreign brands steal customers and market share. However the leaders of the brand have clarified that General Motors will equip new models to return to be competitive and regain its position in the sales charts in australia. This strategy already has the first model but the brand has not taken, or 24 hours in the submission of the Holden Astra Sedan.

Your submission has been carried out in an unconnected way with the Auto Show in Detroit, but the buzz is that they have assembled has been very large since this model will come to Europe under the signature of the ray. Opel has been selling the current generation of the Astra almost a year but it only does so in settings of 5-door and family. , version 4 doors on sale is of the previous generation and with the arrival of this new generation closes the range, waiting to receive the stand-alone model covering the sports version 3 doors.

Opel Astra Sedan

For their development the engineers of General Motors (the car has developed monchengladbach by Opel engineers from Germany and their design has been carried out in the united States) have used the modern platform D2 that already mounts the current Astra (and the new generation of the Chevrolet Cruze). With it the improved in its dynamic qualities and weight reduction compared with the outgoing model are evident making it a product even more round.

At the external level, we can see that the design among the current generation of the Astra Sedan and the next has nothing to do with it. engineers of Holden and Opel have been redesigned slightly on the front to bring them to the personality of the Astra and so have changed the front grill, the headlights and have finished off the set with a bumper design that is specific to this version. The rest of angles (including alloy wheels) Astra Sedrán not vary regarding the Chevrolet Cruze Sedan that is sold in America.

Opel Astra Sedan

If we your car we can see that the differences with the Cruze Sedan remain minimum. The main changes are focused on some of the materials and mouldings of the dashboard, doors and lower zones. Steering wheel and dashboard have the same basic lines, though, as it is logical the Holden Astra Sedrán will have a dashboard that was slightly redesigned in order to adapt it to your steering wheel to the right.

To end call touch to talk about places of manufacture and dates of arrivals. In the case of the Astra Sedan, the signature of the beam has not yet communicated anything, but we know that these official photos of the Holden agree that there are circulating through the network of the new model of Opel with camouflage. In the case of the model destined for Australia the signature of the lion, has confirmed that will be manufactured in South Korea so that the model of the signature of the beam could also be manufactured in the same assembly plant.

For its arrival to the market still wait the signature report on the dates, but seeing the run-up that has taken General Motors with the Holden Astra Sedan, we should not take a long time to see the replica of the German firm. A lot of patience.

Source – Holden

Opel Astra
From 20.700 euro