The new Opel Corsa and Adam will be manufactured in Figueruelas, but the Mokka X

Prueba Opel Corsa 1.4 90 CV Easytronic

Opel has a great influence in the Spanish industry. This German brand produces various models and their range in our country, in the factory of Figueruelas, Zaragoza. This factory, with 3 million square meters, employs direct to some 5,000 employees. Opel is going to restructure their production, changing some models that are manufactured here, although we still do not know if, when you materialize those changes to the number of workers will be maintained, increase or decrease.

Be that as it may, today Opel has informed on a press release that the production of Figueruelas will work for models Opel Corsa and Opel Adam for their next generation, while the Opel Mokka X, which currently is manufactured in such a factory, change of place to be produced in your plant in Eisenach, in Germany. This aforementioned restructuring will take place from 2019, according to the own car firm.

Today, Opel Zaragoza, the Corsa, Mokka, and X-Meriva; while Eisenach is in charge of the Adam and part of the production of Opel Corsa. Figueruelas has seen the birth and grow to the Corsa, since it is produced in this factory since the launch of its first generation.

Opel ADAM Easytronic 3.0

For the moment, it seems that it has simply been a change of one model for another; although it is possible that within a few months appear new modifications which can affect the production of Figueruelas. As you know, Opel is expected to release a large number of new models during 2017, models that, obviously, you have to make at some site.

, While the Corsa continue to occur in large volume in Zaragoza Figueruelas will have a good part of the work insured. The Corsa is one of the top-selling cars of Opel generation after generation and, in Spain, in the year so far, we have sold more than 25,000 units, almost multiplying by 10 the sales of the Opel Adam. As for the Opel Mokka, from January to November skims 16,000 units.