The new Porsche 911 (991) 2016 was officially uncovered, 24 meters high!

The updating of the Porsche 911 is no longer a secret. He has long ceased to be a secret. For Spain and mules roll this facelift, which is more important than his slight aesthetic update evidence. Meanwhile, in Stuttgart, in the Porscheplatz with which the spectacular Porsche Museum is elevated, just opened a truly spectacular sculpture. Three huge pillars 24 meters high erected on which three Porsche 911, each of a different generation, two classic, an F-Series seventies, G-Series and eighties, missing more, one 991 with aesthetics to be presented in just a few days in the Frankfurt .

The Porsche 911 is updated with minor cosmetic details, and turbo engines for the Carrera models.

Porsche is one of the great icons of Stuttgart . Missing more. Especially since the new Porsche Museum opened its doors in 2009, with a square, Porscheplatz, which was named the brand as tribute to his career. Porsche says that in recent years has invested around one billion euros in its facilities in Stuttgart. Not only in the museum but also in the factory and its technical centers. In the years to 1,100 million euros, most of which will be devoted to improve the facilities of Zuffenhausen will also be reversed.


Porsche 911 2016: the impending facelift in 5 key

Regarding the new Porsche 911, we can come forward that new engines Carrera and Carrera S are turbo . It is something that basically we already knew, and now I can confirm after having heard rolling through Spain, and have tried to follow his trail up the twisty roads of Sierra Nevada. One of the details that allow us to differentiate a Stroke MY2016 , his predecessor in the generation 991 will be its central exhaust outlets, more in line with that seen in Porsche Cayman and Porsche Boxster.

In a few days we will give all the details of the new Porsche 911

Source: Porsche
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Porsche 911 2016: the impending facelift in 5 key

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