The new Porsche 911 is uncovered early and is more of the same: what do you expect


Save big surprise, after the summer we meet the new Porsche 911 . There is a generational change, but a slight facelift should be accompanied by more than foreign makeup . The Frankfurt Motor Show will kick off with an update of the 991, the latest generation of the Porsche 911. And judging by the latest pictures that have appeared on the Internet, as illustrating this post taken in Nürburgring (via Pistonheads and Bridge to Gantry), or those caught on the streets of Prague (via Carscoop), we understand that Porsche no longer have any qualms to show the world their appearance without camouflage. More of the same? Did you expect anything different? Is that a problem?

Is it hard to differentiate one race of a Carrera S? How will you know if Turbo has four-wheel drive or an GT3 [1.99901 million]? We recommend you read our guide ID 911 for beginners.

Some criticize even the continuity of Porsche at the time of launch of the Porsche 911. generational relay must understand that this is a sporting icon, the true icon of German sports, and any change must be perfectly timed. This sport does not support experiments, and although Porsche sells more SUV to 911, remains the most important for the Stuttgart brand product. While Next is a facelift, mid-cycle , these changes should still be lighter. In these pictures we would see a slight revision of the front, the air inlets of the grille and the integration of daylighting.

At the rear there is a fairly major change. The exhaust outlets have moved to the center . Remember the Carrera enjoyed two tailpipes, one on each side, with a tail with a geometry between the oval and the trapeze. The Carrera S, however, enjoyed four exhaust breadsticks, two on each side (see 911 identification guide for beginners. The exhaust outlets in the center are more typical of Porsche Cayman or models like the 911 GT3 [1.99901 million]. And there are those who ask whether this amendment responds to technical issues, which are to lead to mechanical changes of varying importance and improved performance. Probably so.


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Remember the great change of the Porsche 911 range, probably the most important since the transition between Air Cooled and Water Cooled, novelty will be the introduction of a range of engines fully – or almost entirely – supercharged . Atmospheric find a 911 in a few years will become increasingly complicated, and must resort to used cars, which are likely to increase their exclusive halo over the years, and are revalued at the same rate, making 991 and 997 generations gain interest in the hand market. But, except surprise, for these changes still have to wait a few years, the arrival of a new generation of the Porsche 911. We are very surprised that this important leap you give this year, with a facelift to see you soon.

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