The new Porsche 911 R and 911 R of 1967 together video

Porsche 911 RThe brand from Stuttgart has surprised everyone with the presentation at the Salon of Geneva Porsche 911 R. Without waiting for the company has reached out to the more purists, who cried at the arrival of the new mechanical turbo, those living with anxiety modern times full boost and driving autonomously. This new alternative to the popular nueveonce hides between his guts a maximum torque of the engine associated with a manual gearbox. Best of all is that now the firm has launched a video where it appears next to him Porsche 911 R of 1967. A spectacle that you should not miss.

As I told the Porsche 911 R keeps that spirit that has been lost with the passage of the years. Mounts the boxer engine naturally aspirated six-cylinder and 4.0-liter capable of developing 500 horsepower power and relates to a gearbox six-speed manual. The ensemble also receives brake carbocerámicos, the rear windows of plastic, unlike mechanical or titanium exhaust. As it could not be otherwise its lightness is due to the carbon fiber, material that has been used in its construction. It also has a combination of colours in your body that pay tribute to times past.

Porsche 911 ROnly made 991 units of the Porsche 911 R, booting every one of them in 217.468 euros in our country. For we know more of this new alternative in the range of the sporty brand has thought to throw a video where we can hear the sound that comes out of your exhaust and see it by doing what you like, devour curves. For if it were a little have come together in the same video with the Porsche 911 R of 1967. Now enough of words… let’s give the play!


Source – Porsche

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