The new Porsche Panamera is coming soon, and so will your behind

Porsche Panamera

We about to find us with the new Porsche Panamera. We are close, very close to know what they have been able to make the firm’s engineers in Stuttgart to improve a product that has earned a major gap in the segment. The second generation of the sedan German is expected to be filed this year, and as it could not be of another way the company has started to launch those preparations, which we call teaser. The first step of a dish that first seems very succulent.

By the time the brand has only released one image of its new Porsche Panamera. In we can see behind, one of the most difficult areas of finish off in a car. Precisely, in the current generation the back has many admirers, but also a good number of detractors. A conflict which will surely, in the new edition of the sedan don’t find judging by the harmony that reflect the lines of the new lag that we see in the first teaser.

The brand also took advantage of the occasion to launch a video of those that reach every fiber of the most important muscle of our body, of those who manage to accelerate the pace of contraction in the blink of an eye. Sentiment and tradition are contained in little more than a minute in which a review of the exploits of the German company and heralded the arrival of the new Porsche Panamera without the same appears on the screen.

it Is expected that the next Porsche Panamera undergoes important changes both in the exterior and the interior, where we find a cabin more luxurious and neat. There will be what’s new in the section mechanical, with the presence of the new technology super-charged, and that has to do with the transmissions, where we find the new generation of change PDK. Even. we could see some system related to the driving semi-autonomous.

Source – Porsche

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Porsche Panamera

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