The new promise of Elon Musk: From 0 to 100 at 2.34 seconds with a Tesla


When we talk about electric vehicles, one of its most notable aspects is the instantaneous acceleration when the pedal is pressed up against the competition of propulsion.
Tesla, that has always stood out with its Model S by providing a premium saloon technology 100% plug and benefits of sports now a further step.

And it has been the Elon Musk via Twitter that he has assured all his followers (and therefore, the owners of its vehicles) a new update in the Ludicrous Mode that would be able to, in the best case (Tesla Model S P100D) to achieve an acceleration time of only 2,34 seconds in the 0-100 Km/h.


ignoring the numbers-that promises us the CEO of the firm car, we would be speaking of 1,46 seconds less that the Audi S8 with motor 4.0 TFSI 605 CV in the same segment, and even 0,86 seconds less a sporty as the Audi R8 with motor 5.2 FSI V10 610 CV, to cite some example.

In fact, the conversation continued with the witty questions of some users of the social network of the blue bird, who were interested in knowing which would be the figure acceleration if the vehicle was lightened. The own Elon was the one who answered that, “stripping” the Tesla Model S P100D, it could be a 0 to 100 Km/h in just 2.1 sec. , figures even more spectacular than those of the Faraday Future to which reference is made and which got 2,39 seconds, with the interior empty.


The truth is that Tesla is giving a lot to talk about in the panorama car thanks to its technology, as your marketing and business philosophy, hopefully this won’t cease in this advance to that other manufacturers want play the battle with them. This is going to get very interesting.