The new Range Rover Sport Coupe hit the asphalt of the Nürburgring


The Range Rover Sport Coupe still hanging out without demur. On this occasion he has visited the Nürburgring to complete dynamic testing in the circuit German at high speeds, and it is that Land Rover knows the great importance that has a exquisite touch to the steering wheel for a luxury SUV that wants to be a benchmark in its category.

This new Range Rover Sport Coupe will come to conquer a land in which powers models like the BMW X6 and Mercedes GLE Coupe, inside of the large SUV-inspired coupe. Its arrival to the market will occur towards the second half of 2017, a few months later that the ‘facelift’ of the Range Rover Sport.


despite the full camouflage on its body and a rear panel of plastic that covers your back, in this unit test, one can infer a rear window more lying that in the Range Rover Sport, a smaller outer height and a waist line higher. These will be some of the hallmarks of the model, giving as a result a side profile more dynamic.

unlike the Range Rover Evoque Coupe three-door, here we find a body traditional five-door, although the rear will change slightly in size and shape to accommodate the new design. Your front will also be a little different, to give it more personality and a distinct character.


Technically there will be no major changes with respect to the Range Rover Sport 2017 -which will use a ‘facelift’ in the next few months, beyond a specific adjustment for your suspension with a setting more firm, with emphasis on the behavior on the road, to the detriment of its capabilities off the road. aluminum will be based on the Jaguar F-Pace, which will allow it to be fairly light, staying below the two tons of weight.

Its interior will be virtually identical to that of the Range Sport, including the new multimedia system InControl Touch Jaguar-Land Rover. Much of the same thing will happen with the range of engines that will include a new block ‘Ingenium’ six-cylinder along with other options from eight cylinders to complete the range: even a version SVR with the V8 engine Supercharged it is quite likely.