The new Renault Clio RS has already a price in our country

Renault Clio RS new Renault Clio RS is already available at dealerships. A review of the sports utility leaves us with new equipment and a version with yet more sporting of the same model, the Clio RS Trophy. This face wash gets some of the elements of the prototype that we were able to see long ago, the Renault Clio RS 16 Concept, a concept of nothing less than 275 horsepower. So now you know, if you’re looking for a compact vitamainado the Renault Clio RS gives you a good dose of spice to a price that part in 24.300 euros.

To give you an idea, the new Renault Clio RS is equipped as standard equipment with outstanding. Among them we point out the system of lights in Full LED, the alloy wheels of 17 inches, the opening system and keyless start or the mirrors folding. In the same way the utility account from the start with automatic climate control, navigation system R-Link, screen feels inch or cams behind the wheel. To finish, and giving it that more sporty character, we find the chassis Sport with the dynamic capabilities of the model increase significantly.

Renault Clio RSIf you can permitírtelo, and you like more the variant butt end, the Clio RS Trophy, count of series with more equipment oriented to the sports personality of the that I have spoken. Among others, we highlight the chassis Trophy, a tare that will give away a few feelings that are more radical. In the same way, this variant includes brake calipers in red color, and wheels of 18 inches. In addition, we can differentiate it from the variant Clio RS for any personal details in its bodywork and upholstery of the seats unique.

The new Renault Clio RS part in 24.300 euros in our country, raise the price until the 26.100 € if you go for the Clio RS Trophy. Optionally, it is available an exhaust system Akrapovic for 1.192 euros.

Source – Renault

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