The new Renault engine, specially designed to be coupled to RS17


Remi Taffin is the father of the new powertrain, Renault which will have as objective to recover for the French brand a place of honour in the universe of the drivers of Formula 1. The throne undisputed has occupied up to the time Mercedes, but his rivals have stepped up efforts and, both Honda as the Renault have opted for the redesign of the engine, while Ferrari is experimenting with new techniques.

In the presentation of the new Renault RS17, the French brand shocked everyone with solutions very imaginative level aerodynamic, but Remi Taffin asserts that in the interior of the car there is more news. “If you could be part of the team and see the car in the open for evaluating your architecture, you’d see that there is a lot of difference with respect to the motor last year and its installation. The thruster unit has been adapted to the car and that is a fundamental difference. The engine and the chassis fit the one with the other, is not a puzzle as it was with the RS16. The RS17 is much more homogeneous”, ” said the head of the department of motor.

Mercedes has set the bar very high and that has meant that Renault has had to review all areas of the engine. From the weight to the power pure: “We have worked a lot in the weight, the cooling and the aerodynamic performance, we wanted to take a big step forward in terms of performance. We made one last year, achieving our goals, now we need another”, recognized Taffin.

Rate of evolution usual

The new engine, however, will follow a rhythm of updates similar because, although the token system has already been removed, the restriction to only four engines per season will make the introduction of new units is determined by the needs of sport. “Its evolution will follow the normal cycle of updates (the first in the Grand Prix of Canada, approximately). There are that to get reliability with the first specification. We will test the engines of the race in Barcelona and will be when we will see if the development work carried out on the test bench corresponds with the real world in terms of performance and reliability. Everything is new this year: engine, fuel and lubricant, and their development will progress throughout the season”, ended on a hopeful Remi Taffin.