The new Renault Koleos 2016, filtering the full

Renault Koleos 2016 - filtración

The new Renault Koleos 2016 unveiled with all luxury of details.

If at first time of the day we will show you the first image and official details of new Renault Koleos 2016. Now, and thanks to a new filtration, we can take a look with all the luxury details, the new SUV French that in just a few days will be presented internationally for the Car show in Beijing 2016. During these last months we have been telling all the news about the development of the Koleos, and today, we can see the result of all this work.

A model that will be a step above the Renault Kadjar in the range of the French manufacturer. And it is that will come to rival, among other models, with the Nissan X-Trail. A model that, interestingly, share platform (CMF). Recall that the new Renault Koleos 2016 will be available both in the configuration of five of seven seats. Therefore, we can get an idea of the size that will have this new SUV.

despite this, Renault still provide details in this aspect. Yes, will not be a surprise if it finally measured about 4.7 meters long. On an aesthetic level, received a certain influence by the latest launches from Renault, although we cannot leave to a side the own Kadjar. Without a doubt, your front and side profile will make this a model that is more refined and dynamic in comparison with some rivals.

Renault Koleos 2016 - filtración

His debut will take place in the Hall of Beijing 2016 the next week.

On the section mechanic, we still have no concrete details about their range for our market though, obviously, we can expect an array composed of engines both petrol and diesel.

¿What is the reason that led to Renault to present it in China? Because the local market. In the asian giant SUV seven-seater will sell very well (unlike in Europe). It is for this reason that Renault has opted for the Lounge of Beijing 2016 as the event to the start of throughout the new Koleos. In the chinese market will be available together with a range of two gasoline engines with four cylinders. A few engines with capacities of approximately 150 and 185 HP.

And while we’re on the chinese market, noted that all the units sold there will be locally produced thanks to a joint-venture formed by Renault-Nissan and Dongfeng. Around these parts we’ll see the end of this year. Will have to wait for his debut in the event to get to know the rest of the details.