The new Renault Megane 2016 is filtered before time, 19 images, and is spectacular!

surprise weekend! Whether it Sunday, now the motor does not stop. In a little over a week opens the Frankfurt and developments begin to crowd, many models to be presented within days, as important models like the new Renault Megane. And with you, here it is, the new Renault Megane 2016 . A model planned is filed in the coming days, and that has not endured the wait, filtering prematurely by Italian web. And you have shown in 19 pictures, spectacular, and dressed in his spicy variant, Mégane GT variant.

Renault Megane 2016: will have a more mature interior design and better quality

Pending official images, and especially the data about this new generation Mégane, the bestseller French, finally we see after the watermarks on the web that has proceeded to filtration. And the truth is that it looks great.

Its front has gained character, with a larger than ever diamond, and brand image very much on a grill that extends until headlights LED with a design really capricious.


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At the rear ditto. Renault advocates elongated optical , which extend to almost join the diamond tailgate. A very similar to that already seen in the new Renault Talisman line.

renault-megane-2016-filtrado-10 The carrier, once again breaking. Renault has chosen a center console dominated by a huge portrait screen , as a tablet, strengthening the path to open the new generation Renault Espace.


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Much eye to this of image new digital control box , with a “fake” core analog tachometer and digital speedometer.

renault-megane-2016-filtrado-07 renault-megane-2016-filtrado-11

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Renault Megane 2016: will have a more mature interior design and better quality

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