The new Renault Megane 2016 is now official after his debut in Frankfurt

After passing through the Frankfurt Motor Show, Renault released the official data and a more extensive photo gallery of the fourth generation of the Renault Megane. It goes on sale in Europe by year-end.


Renault-Megane-2016-3 H ace few days the first official images and a few hours after Renault was almost forced to broadcast the first pictures were leaked. But today in the framework of Frankfurt Motor Show 2016 Renault Megane officially debuted.

The fourth generation Renault Megane reach the main European markets later this year, and will do so with a design that can not hide his inspiration in the Talisman .

Indeed the front makes use of the same daytime running lights LED in the form of a letter C, as well as a grill-like format, also the emblem of the diamond in format maxi, as it has been happening in recent launch of the brand.

It looks sportier than the model it replaces, in part because his lower body is 25 millimeters, 47 millimeters wider at the front and 39 mm wider in the sector later. Meanwhile wheelbase increased by 28 mm, while exterior accessories GT version help further improve its sporting footprint. Its load capacity is 434 liters.


The GT trim adds unique aesthetic, along with Launch Control system and specific tuning.

to the side the rising beltline , that on reaching the posterior leads to a window that curves upward even more highlights. Meanwhile posterior with a design looks pretty similar to the current Clio or Kadkar , but earns a good elongated rear lights, which almost come to join in the center, right in the place where the brand emblem is located.

In the cockpit there will be endless combinations and while versions input system information and entertainment will have a conventional screen, the more equipped you will be touchscreens up to nine inches vertical arrangement.

The chief designer of the brand Laurens Van Den Acker said try the new Megane is transformed into an aspirational product that can better compete against rivals like the way Peugeot 308 or Volkswagen Golf , while with improvements in materials and quality perception aspire to improve to achieve what was the most critical point model which will replace.

Renault-Megane-2016-1 The new Renault Megane GT adds a number of additional accessories sporty, like alloy wheels 18 inches of specific format, a honeycomb grille with grid type bee, new bumpers, rear diffuser , dual outlet exhausts, wheel specific, upholsterer with blue stitching and sport seats, aluminum pedals, along with his body painted in the exclusive colored iron blue unchanged although motorices plants in the rest of the range.

Mechanically, the new Megane 2016 will have a variety of engines ranging from 90 to 205 horsepower . They are the TEC in versions 100, 130 and 205 hp plus diesel dCi in versions 90, 110, 130 and 165 horsepower. Propellants, according to the chosen objects can be associated with a 6 speed manual transmission or a automatic EDC double clutch , both 6 and 7-speed.

For his part, Renault Megane GT have additional mechanical accessories a specific tuning system including Multi Change Down , by which you can download several marches once or system Launch Control torn for more efficient, and a directional rear axle which they call 4Control .



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