The new Renault Mégane begins its manufacturing in Palencia


Good news for the plant of Renault in Palencia, which adds a load of work with the beginning of the manufacture of the new Mégane. The compact is about to reach the market: it will do so in the next few weeks, just start the 2016.

Of it as you have explained in detail their engines and equipment, as well as its performance and consumption or how it will be the Renault Mégane GT, which will be the counterpoint sporty in the entry-level model thanks to its 205 HP and the chassis 4Control developed by Renault Sport, with four-wheel steering.

The Renault Mégane 2016, just like all the previous generations of the model, it will carry in its genetics the label ‘Made In Spain’. And the manufacturing plant of Palencia has been the day to do this: between 2014 and 2016, Renault will invest a total of 600 million euros to modernize their facilities and make them even more competitive.


Renault seeks to ensure the highest quality in the production of the Mégane, a key model in the market. For example, they will invest 84 hours of training per employee for the manufacture of this new model, in addition to modernize the lines of the bodywork, chassis, paint and assembly and the robots that participate in them. Have also been established new criteria of quality control the fruit of the collaboration in this section with Daimler.

in Addition to the Mégane, in Palencia also manufactures the Renault Kadjar, introduced to the market just a few months ago. Both models share the modular platform CMF-C/D, and to be able to meet the demand, has been re-established again third production shift, passing in the last eight months of 1,900 to more than 4,200 workers.


This plant of Renault in Palencia, spain it was inaugurated in 1978, and has its location in Villamuriel de Cerrato, fifty kilometers north of Valladolid. With more than a million and a half square metres in area occupied, it will have been manufactured more than six million vehicles since its inauguration. 88% of the vehicles there manufactured are intended for export

I should point out that Palencia is not the only manufacturing plant of Renault in Spain: the French firm produces in Seville gearboxes, and also manufactured in Valladolid, the Renault Twizy and Renault Capture, in addition to numerous engines for different models. In fact, in these days, you meet nothing less than 50 years of the Factory of Engines of Valladolid.

So it is the manufacturing plant of Renault in Palencia, video