The new Renault Megane RS 5-door body will


The Renault Megane IV says goodbye definitively to the three-door body styles, coupe and convertible. Like what happened with the current generation Clio, the offer will be unified based on the five-door body.


Renault-Megane-2016-RS L a new generation Renault Megane was one of the innovations that the French brand took this week to Frankfurt Motor Show . But the debut of its fourth installment also mean the disappearance of the three-door body, so the new Megane RS will be a five-door.

However this is not a new idea for the brand, as the current Clio also shelved its three-door versions if they were available on the third-generation model and Clio RS is currently offered only body hatchback.

This new generation Renault Megane, will not be sold to body three doors as well in the format either coupe or convertible. And this is not just something that is happening within Renault, but are increasingly left side marks the three-door body, to unify their offer based on the five-door.

The new Renault Megane 2016 will be offered at the time of its launch with engines ranging from 90 to 205 horsepower . Later there will be room for one developed by Renault Sport version.



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