The new Renault Mégane RS rises out behind in this picture

Renault Mégane RS espía

At the end of the last month of march, Renault Sport published on their YouTube channel, a video in which we anticipated the development of the Renault Mégane RS fourth generation. This video was made as video game, and, in addition, the model appeared covered with a blanket, dummy. we rarely see the lights and little more. A couple of weeks ago we received new information by means of statements of the head of design.

The case is that the Renault Mégane is one of the best selling compact in the old continent and its sport versions have always raised passions; some of the passions that increase their desires when approaching the launch of a new variant. Many followers of the Megane RS are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the compact sports French in its fourth generation. A new picture of your rear they sure are doing a salivary.

In the last few months have appeared multiple images spy of the new Renault Mégane RS, but the majority of units used the body of another version and a lot of camouflage, so that it was virtually impossible to get an idea of the specific elements of the compact sports. However, the image that we see in the header shows unity color orange totally exposed teaching her prominent behind.

differences most notable with respect to a Mégane normal reach of the hand of the bulky bumper with air outlets on the bottom corners and a few of the ways more lines. But if something catches especially the attention of the rear of the new Mégane RS is its lower part. Incorporates a marcadísimo diffuser (it seems that finish in carbon), which in turn holds a large exhaust outlet in a central position. On the other hand, the ceiling receives a new spoiler later more aggressive than the other variants, although neither comes to be radical.

Yet nothing is known about its mechanics. The rumors suggest that you will use a 2-liter turbo will exceed 300 HP. It seemed strange that this new generation of the Mégane RS remain below the barrier of 300 HP. What is clear is that, for the first time, it will be offered with bodywork of five doors and, apparently, there will be the option to install a gearbox dual-clutch. on the other hand, have the rumors that will benefit from the system direction of the four wheels to improve your dynamic curve.

Source – Ferd