The new Renault Megane will debut in September

prueba renault megane 6 El nuevo Renault Mégane debutará en septiembre The French manufacturer Renault has among its ranks with a few best-seller that guarantees a minimum sales. One of them is a rencién arrived, a model who comes to meet changing market trends. Yes, it’s Renault Captur. The other, meanwhile, has enough story behind his back and was best selling car in the Spanish market last year 2014 with a total of 29,036 units. Yes, is the Renault Mégane.

dele History successful French compact dates back to 1994. Today we are the third generation to French product, third generation market takes no less than seven years. Years pass for all, and despite good sales model, renewal is very necessary to compete with the toughest rivals. It is for this reason that Renault has announced that present the new Renault Mégane in September .

prueba renault megane tce 130 4 El nuevo Renault Mégane debutará en septiembre If we look at the automotive calendar, we see that there is a quote that sticks to rest in September. This is the Frankfurt Motor Show and will know where the next generation of Renault Mégane, the fourth. Currently there are very few details, but we expect mainly an evolution in technology, a very important aspect that shows the offset of the current generation compared to its rivals.

be interesting to see if Renault attempt or not regain his throne at the legendary Nürburgring with an RS version of the fourth generation of Mégane, since we have seen a video of the new Honda Civic Type R stopping the clock 4 seconds before the French model. Although being the fastest on this track really does little, the truth is that times at the legendary German circuit have become a good marketing tool.

Before we left, we leave our test Renault Megane.

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