The new Renault Scenic made its debut in Geneva


The new Renault Scenic we will know in march

The new Renault Scenic will make its debut next year during the celebration of the Hall of Geneva, from 3 to 13 of march 2016. compact mpv what we have seen on several occasions through our section of spy photos in their stages of development, it now seems that it is ready to be presented to the world within three months and be launched to the market end of 2016.

Its design both exterior and interior will be based on the Renault of last generation as the new Megane or the Talisman. Will have a size half-way between the Renault Capture and the Renault Kadjar in your normal version of five squares. But in addition to contemplate later a body even greater, a Renault Grand Scenic, with capacity for up to seven occupants.

The information which we possess are somewhat scarce. Will have a size slightly higher than the model it replaces which will provide you with a cabin more spacious, in part by better use of the interior. We will also find new solutions extra storage for the vehicle to gain in practicality for day-to-day.

Their engines will be extracted from the new generation of the Renault Megane with which it shares platform, from 90 to 205 HP for the GT version, although we doubt that the option of higher power of the compact arrives in the minivan for a simple product philosophy. A variant hybrid it is also possible to find.