The new Renault Talisman on five key. And a traditional sedan is conceived in the crossover was

The car that you see on your screen is the new Renault Talisman . It is the replacement of the Renault Laguna and is a traditional sedan of D segment. In an era where the minivan and sedan have led to a successful blend called crossover, Renault does not throw in the towel. Your new sedan comes with an exotic name, a name reminiscent of a luxurious prototype years. A saloon with elegance and technology struggle against a strong mass market fever SUVs and crossovers.

These five keys to the new Renault Talisman.

[We continue developing Article] [1.99901 million]

1 million sedans in Europe [1.99902 million]
Product overall
Made in France – 420 million dollars [1.99902 million]
Launched to 2015 [1.99901 million]

1) An elegant, serious … German design

The Renault Talisman

Battle long
Shoulders marked
Large wheels
Forward light signature
1/3 glass, metal 2/3

2) cutting-edge technology and connectivity

R Link 2.0 [1.99902 million]
The larger display segment
Connected with my

3) An internal quality much improved

very spacious and comfortable inside
screen tablet type

4) A car to enjoy driving it

Making dynamic point

5) A range of efficient engines and logic, without excesses

Two petrol, three diesel

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