The new Renault Twingo already has a gearbox double-clutch

Renault completes the offer mechanics of the new Renault Twingo by introducing a new gearbox EDC, dual clutch transmission of Renault. This gearbox was announced since its launch, is now being launched commercially launched.

gearbox EDC has a price premium of € 1,300 in the range of the Renault Twingo

Remember that the Renault Twingo has an arrangement of mechanical-rear-wheel drive.

gearbox EDC of the new Renault Twingo is available with mechanical gas Tec 90 horsepower, a mechanical turbo 0.9-litre three-cylinder.

This version, the Renault Twingo TCe 90 horses attached to the gearbox EDC, already has a price announced for the Spanish market 14.825 euros, positioning themselves as well 1,300 euros above the same variant with manual shift mode.

below… an option air 70 horses

beyond this version of 90 horsepower, with manual change or automatic change of double clutch, there is an alternative 70 horses with a maximum torque of the engine of 3 cylinders and 1 liter of cubicaje. This option is only available with the manual gearbox.

This alternative of 70 horses has a starting price of 11.725 euros.