The new rules do not bring Williams the well in Monte Carlo


From your leap of quality in 2014, Williams has always had, every year, without exception, a black dot that seems to not be able to solve: the city circuits, or slow, where you need more traction and mechanical grip. Without going further, the 10th position on the grid of Valtteri Bottas last year was the best team in Monaco since 2011. In this edition, none of your pilots has managed to come close.

Felipe Massa has turned out to be, one more session, the man more competitive team, extending its full of victories against his inexperienced companion. The brazilian driver will come out, yes, in the same position as last year, 14th. After going round with a time of 1:13.796, could not complete a clean lap in Q2.

Massa, who won the pole position for the legendary race in 2008 with Ferrari, he complained that all the changes over the past year there have of course a positive difference for Williams in this type of circuits: “it Has been a very difficult qualifying, as is often the case in Monaco. It is not a great feeling to rank 15th, and it is a pity that we are suffering here with a car and different rules”.

Even so, the pilot of Williams, came to the podium, fourth in 2007 and 2008, is confident that the race present the conditions necessary for the rescue of some point: “It’s disappointing to start so far back, but anything can happen here in Monaco, so I hope that tomorrow we would have a good race and, perhaps, a little bit of luck”.


A leaking hydraulic ends of the sink to Stroll

Lance Stroll, for its part, continues with his personal via crucis. The canadian, who began the weekend hitting the wall of the Casino on Thursday, was unable to improve sensations, and could only qualify in 18th position, beating only the Sauber with a best time of 1:14.893, more than a second of his teammate.

The young champion of Formula 3 he said that his car had suffered a mechanical problem, but not attributed to your bad time, if not the not being able to try to improve it later: “we Had a leaking hydraulic at the end of the Q1, so I had to stop before. It is a shame what has happened, because I failed in my best lap and I think that could have happened to the Q2.

Despite the difficulties, the newbie claims to be enjoying the ride this weekend. It is challenging, but it is great to be riding here, with what is special about Monaco. Our car is not the strongest here, and it is not our kind of circuit, but we hope that tomorrow is a great day”.