The new Saleen S1 456 CV will be presented in Los Angeles 2017


Saleen S1.

The new Saleen S1 will be the main novelty of the preparer american in the Hall of Los Angeles 2017. This small, sporty, based on a project that is well known to fans of supercars, will be the new sports of the brand, succeeding in a certain sense, the disappeared Saleen S7. A model of greater weight than the new S1.

The preparer california did not have an own model from 2009. Despite the fact that it has one of the most extensive catalogues of their gender, in which we find versions of the Ford Mustang, the Chevy Camaro and the Dodge Challenger, and even a readiness on the Tesla Model S. Since it came out the last drive of the Saleen S7 had not seen a model that only carries the emblem with the last name of Steve Saleen.

The new Saleen S1 is premiered in the north american market in Los Angeles, but what is certain is that had its official debut in China a few days ago, where precisely will be manufactured, to then be exported to the united States. The company responsible of its production will be Jiangsu Saleen Automotive Technology Co. This joint venture has as its purpose the manufacture of other models, not just sports, although at the moment only has revealed the S1.


The Artega GT original, based on the Lotus Evora.

Many of you have noticed already the huge resemblance that has the new Saleen S1 with the Artega GT, and this resemblance is not casual, Saleen has bought the rights of the platform of this to develop their new sport.

This is an example of globalization. The Saleen S1 is based on a development of a German Artega GT) was in turn based on the platform of another british model (Lotus Evora) and will be manufactured in China, but marketed under an american brand. Although part of the technical section yes that is us, the engine and the transmission.

The Saleen S1 will have the 4-cylinder supercharged Ford EcoBoost 2.3-liter we can find in the Ford Focus RS or Mustang EcoBoost, although under the hood of the sports will have 456 HP (450 hp) and 576 Nm of torque. His acceleration has not been announced but your maximum speed will be about 290 km/h.


Derived from the project Artega GT.

This also will have an electric version of which by the moment do not have detailed specifications, although it is true that the project Artega already has this version, the Artega Scalo Superelettra developed in conjunction with Carrozzeria Touring.

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