The new Seat Toledo Concept

Seat began marketing its first Toledo back in 1991. Since then, until 2009, the popular auto C segment has undergone several versions that have covered three generations car .

It was during the third, the only one who did not seize the designer Giorgetto Giugiaro, when new experiments with forms halfway between minivan and sedan, and happy to get, it is assumed that they at the end of age Toledo . Until today.

El Nuevo Seat Toledo Concept

Seat presented at the Geneva Motor Show on new Seat Toledo Concept , a model that we can enjoy starting next summer. There have been many expectations have lifted new Seat Toledo Concept although returning to classic forms of Toledo expected Sedan body. Five doors and a large boot

Apparently, those responsible for Seat , with its president James Muir at the helm, has not disappointed during the event presentation Seat Toledo Concept at the Motor Show Geneva , which also included the presentation of other new brand, such as new Ibiza and Mii . But that was seen coming, the country will not be Spain intended for the manufacture of New Seat Toledo but the Czech Republic.

El Nuevo Seat Toledo Concept-

Turning to more technical considerations, new Seat Toledo be available in a version petrol and two diesel. The first has a 1.2 liter engine 105 hp and diesel engine 1.6L, given the opportunity to choose between versions 90 and 105 hp.

length new Seat Toledo Concept are 4.48 m, slightly less than its nearest competitor, the Volkswagen Jetta. The trunk is a point of pride for designers Seat , as with almost 500 l, equal or greater capacity than their larger competitors.

Image Source: Seat

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