The new shift of 10-speed Camaro ZL1 surpasses the PDK Porsche


The new shift of 10-speed is faster than the PDK Porsche

Chevrolet ensures that you do not need a change of double clutch to make your sports is that change gears faster than ever before. The american manufacturer says that their tests have found incredible results for your new auto shift 10-speed with torque converter.

The Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 will equip a new shift of 10-speed that is faster than the award-winning PDK Porsche dual-clutch. According to have been tested in his research center, the shift from first to second gear is a 36% faster, while changes from second to third and third to fourth are 27% and 26%, respectively, the most rapid.


The stunning Camaro ZL1 equipped with a V8 640 CV

Chevy engineers have spent thousands of hours in to adapt the new transmission to the 6.2-liter V8 from the Camaro ZL1 that generates 640 CV of power. Ensures a regime of revolutions, and gear appropriate for the steps in the curve, and outputs this to improve the performance and responses of the american sports.

The Camaro ZL1 will be the first production vehicle to equip a shift of 10-speed. It is based on the 8-speed from the previous generation, but despite having won two marches more has a size very close to that of this. This change is characterized by six clutches: two brakes and four rotating, one more than the eight, however, it also has a torque converter.


The unit is of a size very similar to its predecessor of eight relations

The high-speed change between gears is because when the driver wants to climb out, the following was already geared and ready to run. A system similar to the dual-clutch, but we repeat, it has a torque converter as changes conventional.

¿Why ten gears in a high performance sports? The reason is to combine performance and efficiency of the fuel. The first gears are short and focused towards the experience in the circuit, so Chevrolet speaks to us of the speed up gear between the first and the fourth. However possess some gears longer in the end benefits the economy of fuel traveling at cruising speeds since they allow high sustained speeds with a low speed of revolutions engine.

¿It’s the time for the torque converters to exceed the changes to the DCT? Chevrolet thinks that if.